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Enjoy Estonian herbal traditions – we recommend the Seawater Hot Tub at Pädaste Bay

Unwind in our idyllic spa, enjoying authentic Muhu wood burning sauna and cold tub; relaxing steam bath and unique seawater hot tub on Pädaste’s seashore, overlooking the calm waters.



Discover the meadows and forests together with Pädaste’s horticulturist

Our devoted horticulturist will take you for a refreshing morning walk in the inspiring meadows and forests surrounding the Pädaste estate – in search of tasty findings!



Private mushroom hunting walk and a cooking class in the forest

Great way to bond and breath the fresh air of nature; a mushroom or berry picking nature-walk under the guidance of Pädaste’s horticulturist, who takes care of the daily foraging for Alexander Restaurant. During the nature walk we will be joined by a mycologist with a story to tell about every mushroom you see in the forest. Prepare to be amazed by the many different mushrooms growing in our forests, which we may never notice during our everyday walks. Amidst mushrooms and nature, our chef will on open fire prepare a delicious bite of the mushrooms you just picked. A real treat for any forager.


Midnight chill party on the Island of Love with unplugged music, bonfire and wines

After dinner, rowing boats take you across Pädaste Bay to the Island of Love. A place, where live music will flirt with the stars and moon above you…



Traditional bonfire by the seaside

A traditional Muhu bonfire to add romance and warmth while enjoying the evening at the seaside grounds of Pädaste Manor.



All arrangements are individually designed, subject to availability and will be priced and confirmed upon a specified request for a date and number of participants.


For more information, please contact our Guest Relations Manager at info@padaste.ee or dial +372 45 48 800



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