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The Good Life – Northern Charm

By Ginanne Brownell

Newsweek International, August 21, 2006

If you can’t stand the heat or the crowds of Greece, Italy or Spain, consider heading “up north” to the beach this year. Tourism to Canada, northern Europe and America’s “northern woods” states has been steadily on the rise…..


To really get away from it all, head to the Baltic Sea’s western Estonian archipelago, where charming fishing villages and old lighthouses dot the hundreds of islands. Stay on Muhu Island – full of wild orchids, juniper forests and old Russian forts. Padaste Manor is a boutique hotel with a spa offering seawater Jacuzzi soaks and pumpkin-seed body wraps (www. padaste.ee). Its Seahouse Restaurant serves choice dishes like ostrich salad and smoked-eel tortellini with a wild-fennel broth.

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