Pädaste Manor | Pädaste Manor, a small luxury retreat & SPA Muhu Island: Estonia’s Seaside Retreat -

Muhu Island: Estonia’s Seaside Retreat

Estonia’s Seaside Retreat

Imagine if you would visit Martha’s Vineyard… 300 years ago. Muhu Island is that place and Pädaste Manor is its lifeline to the present. This 16thC seaside manor has a state-of-the-art eight-person cinema where most island homes don’t even have power. Then again, Pädaste also has a traditional birch-burning sauna and a sweeping vista over a white sand beach and the Baltic Sea. Bike and walking paths criss-cross the island through juniper forests, fishing villages, a 2500 B.C: burial site, even an ostrich farm!
An oasis of luxury on an ancient island in a sea of modernity.